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Your Choice Homecare Solutions is an online meeting place for clients seeking reliable, quality, qualified homecare and independent qualified homecare providers seeking clients for their services. Learn more about us here.

Owner & Founder

Ron Broda

My name is Ron Broda. I am one of the founding partners. In April 2021 I suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury rendering me a paraplegic. In order for me to return home from hospital I required in-home patient care. This was initially arranged for me by my insurance claim manager and occupational therapist. Things ran relatively smoothy at first, but soon turned into a living nightmare. Six weeks after my home care began, the owner of the first company hired sent a Wednesday late afternoon text message to my occupational therapist, advising that her company would no longer be providing any care for me as of that coming Sunday. What kind of ethics are those?

In my first nine months home from hospital, six different home care companies have had some involvement in my care. I have been served by very experienced, well trained and caring people as well as some who have had absolutely no training at all. I have learned that most, if not all, home care companies are run purely as a business focused on profits with little regard to care. Companies like Nurse Next Door are franchises marketed to investors as a good opportunity to seek a piece of the $224 BILLION a year industry. I have also learned that the private home care industry is completely unregulated and unmonitored by government in British Columbia and other jurisdictions. For these reasons I decided to form Your Choice Homecare Solutions.

Our mission is to put you in control of your own home care. We cut out the middlemen, unethical for profit, private home care companies. Through our portal you will have access to qualified independent care providers. You will be able to select candidates who best meet your needs and negotiate directly with them to select your ideal personal care team. Your Choice! We look forward to assisting you to meet your own needs, your way!


Media Stories about the current (broken) Home Care System:

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This is what we plan on fixing. Join us.

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